Student Safety at UNA

With the numerous crimes that have occurred on the UNA campus this semester, many students may choose to transfer from UNA for the fear that they may not be safe.

According to the UNA Police Department’s crime logs, there have been 24 crimes that have occurred just this semester. Eleven of them have been thefts, and six were a mixture of public intoxication, minor in possession and DUI. Three were for harassment, and one for criminal mischief.  Among the more serious crimes were an assault, a sexual assault and a terrorist threat.

Chief of Police Robert Pastula said that what may have gotten everyone so worried about the amount of crime lately was due to the two major crimes that happened recently: a rape and a terrorist threat.

“There is nothing to worry about,” Pastula said. “We have a good suspect in mind (with the terrorist threat).”

the amount of crimes at UNA compared to the University of Alabama Hunstville is just under half of UNA’s crimes.

“(The number of crimes at UNA) is nothing compared to other schools,” said Pastula.

UAH’s crime logs show almost double the amount of crimes than there have been at UNA. Since August 2012, there have been 43 crimes. only 10 of them were theft crimes. the other crimes consisted of criminal mischief, drug charges and duty upon striking an unattended vehicle.

Matthew Hattaway, a UNA student, said that he does not feel safe at UNA.

“If I am going to invest in a school for my education, one of the things I would like to be sure about is that I am safe,” Hattaway said.

“There’s nothing to be scared of,” Pastula said. “(Crime is) on a downward trend.”

Last year from August to the beginning of October, there were only slightly more crimes totaling to 32.

Sarah Emerson, a UNA student, is happy with the measures that the administration and police department are taking to ensure the safety of students.

“They are looking into cameras for the parking deck, setting up classes for self-defense and educating students on crime prevention,” Emerson said. “They are doing the best they can.”

Emerson is taking some extra precautions.

“I already carry pepper spray, walk with a friend at night and I’m looking into a self-defense class,” Emerson said. “Crime or no crime, UNA was perfect for me.”


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